I visited the centre with acute pain in the lower back. I have visited some of the well doctors in Hyderabad. Dr. Srinath Boppana did a scan & clearly shown me the reason for the pain. he even explained me in detail how the injury might have happened. He suggested it would take 2 more visits before my pain is relieved. Just like he said with PRP treatment I was able to get rid of my long standing pain. He is a gem of a doctor. I strongly recommend him.

Gogineni Srinivas (Srini Gogineni)

From my experience, I would say Dr. SRINADH BOPPANA is the best radiologist in Hyderabad. SAINT Imaging is a facility with state of art ambience & professional staff with great diagnosing skills. I highly recommend Saint Imaging for all musculoskeletal issues and sports injury imaging.


Kudos to Dr Srinath as I have miraculously recovered from my shoulder tendon tear issue by PRP procedure at Saint Imaging. Dr Srinath is adorably good at his job as well as a great personality to interact with. He understands the patient's issue much better than any other doctors as far as my case is concerned and he makes the patient understand the same in the best possible way. He and his team are doing a great job. The place is well maintained and the facilities are top notch. I highly recommend Saint Imaging and Dr Srinath for any of your musculoskeletal issues. Feel free to contact them as Dr Srinath and his team will take care of you not as a patient but as a close friend.

Sminto Augustine

Dr. Srinadh Boppana sir is well known as the master of MSK among Radiology community and I have got the opportunity to witness his skills at a personal level as my uncle and I have consulted sir for my uncle's chronic knee pain. My uncle has visited many well known orthopedicians within the city and had underwent many useless procedures, without a correct diagnosis. Sir was too quick in diagnosing the problem, very patient in explaining to us. Sir has exceptional interventional skills and has performed stripping of impinged fat within the knee joint along with intra-articular steroid injection. Staff and sir are very friendly, make you comfortable with a physiotherapist available within the center at all times. Saint imaging is the one of the best diagnostic centers in the area and Dr. Srinadh Boppana sir is the only and the best MSK Interventional Radiologist in our state.

Arun Kamireddy

Dr. Srinadh Boppana is truly exceptional! I recently visited him to rule out foreign body in my foot . Not only he diagnosed that little naughty thorn but also removed it which not many doctors can do it . He is extremely knowledgable and personable. I never was made to wait. And if ever I needed to contact him or his staff, they were super speedy in responding by my inquiries. The centre is inviting and his staff members are friendly and helpful in every way. Truly, I would recommend Dr Srinadh to anyone seeking answers to better their health .

Teju Boyapally


Kothapalli Seetha

I came for Musculoskeletal Ultrasonic evaluation of my wife Right Shoulder to Saint Imaging Centre and it is Super.. Noticeable Positive Vibrations are felt as i entered the Centre.. Staff is very prompt and receptive..whole clinic is clean and tidy giving an appearence of five star, Corporate Look..Dr Srinadh approach towards me and my wife was very friendly and his advise to my wife was reassuring.. Very good quality, latest equipment with good staff and excellent MD of the Centre.. Very happy to note that such facility is available in Hyderabad. Needs more awareness to medical faculty for referrals. All the Best to Saint Imaging Centre

Drusn Raju

Great experience.Nice hospitality.. Friendly atmosphere

Ravulapally Shankar

Best diagnostic center in and around Hyderabad. Especially for MUSCULOSKELETAL RADIOLOGY. Thank you so much Dr.Srinadh sir

Chandra Sekhar Katta