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Dr. Srinadh Boppana Consultant Radiologist MBBS MD


Consultant Radiologist


Dr. Srinadh Boppana is a distinguished and accomplished figure in the field of radiology, known for his remarkable achievements and significant contributions. His dedication to scientific research, expertise in musculoskeletal ultrasound, and commitment to education have earned him numerous prestigious awards and invitations to esteemed conferences.

Dr. Boppana's notable accomplishments include:

Winner of 10 Awards for Scientific Presentations:

Dr. Boppana's impactful research and exceptional presentations have consistently garnered recognition at both national and international radiology conferences. His groundbreaking work and contributions have been honored with 10 esteemed awards, highlighting his expertise and advancements in the field.

Cum Laude Award at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2014: Dr. Boppana's exceptional achievements in the realm of musculoskeletal ultrasound were acknowledged with the prestigious Cum Laude Award at RSNA 2014. This esteemed accolade reflects his outstanding work and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of ultrasound in musculoskeletal radiology.

Primary and Secondary Author for Numerous Scientific Articles:

Dr. Boppana has significantly contributed to the scientific literature as a primary and secondary author for numerous articles published in various reputable journals. His research publications have greatly enhanced the understanding and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, solidifying his position as a respected researcher in the field.

Invited Faculty in National and International Radiology Conferences: Dr. Boppana's expertise and reputation have led to invitations as a faculty member in prestigious national and international radiology conferences. As a distinguished speaker and expert in his field, he shares his vast knowledge and insights with fellow professionals, contributing to the advancement of radiology.

Extensive Guest Lectures and Workshops:

Dr. Boppana's passion for education and knowledge dissemination is evident through his extensive record of delivering over 150 engaging guest lectures and conducting multiple workshops. These educational endeavors have provided valuable insights and updates in musculoskeletal radiology to a diverse range of audiences.

Author of Three Chapters in an International Radiology Textbook:

Dr. Boppana's expertise and contributions extend beyond research articles. He has authored three chapters in an international radiology textbook, sharing his knowledge and expertise on specific aspects of the field. His contributions to the textbook further establish him as an authoritative figure in musculoskeletal radiology.

Dr. Srinadh Boppana's exceptional achievements and significant contributions highlight his profound impact in the field of radiology. His dedication to scientific research, expertise in musculoskeletal imaging, extensive involvement in conferences and education, and authorship in renowned textbooks cement his reputation as a distinguished leader in musculoskeletal radiology.