Best reception and consultation,srinadh sir is talking like a family member. Thank you sir and team.

Dileep Manika

Very well organised good diagnostic centre. The staff over there are very friendly, polite and highly experienced in professional skills. Amazing services by Dr. Srinadh and team.

Sai Mallik

Dr.Srinadh and team are excellent. Thank you for all the support. I will definitely recommend Saint Imaging to all my relatives and friends

Ananthanag KVK

Visited Saint Imaging for the first time regarding the knee joint pain. Earlier, I visited many doctors' regarding the same problem however there is no improvement . Dr. Srinadh, identified the core problem and performed nerve blockage procedure which has shown tremendous relief in pain. Overwhelmed on educating in detail. Physiotherapist was very helpful in explaining with patience. Hospital is very clean & tidy and maintained all precautions throughout my visit with very polite and friendly staff. Thankful to Dr. Srinadh and his entire team.

Apparao Yarlagadda

My Aunt has visited many well known Orthopedicians within the city & Chennai and had underwent many procedures that were not so useful from relieving her from knee pain. When asked around my friends circle, I came to know from my Doctor friends that Dr. Srinadh Boppana sir is well known as the master of MSK among Radiology community Sir was too quick in diagnosing the problem, very patient in explaining to us in lay man language - we spent almost an hour understanding problem (which never happened to us in so called best branded hospitals) . Sir has exceptional interventional skills and has performed stripping of impinged fat within the knee joint along with intra-articular steroid injection. Staff and sir are very friendly, make you comfortable with a physiotherapist available within the center at all times. Saint imaging is the one of the best diagnostic centers in the area and Dr. Srinadh Boppana sir is the only and the best MSK Interventional Radiologist in India.

Kartheek Chowdary

Dr. Srinadh Bopanna is highly qualified and very experienced doctor. The doctor is very gentle and friendly in explaining and treatment.. The place very neat and sophisticated. My thanks and regards.

Maddi Raghuveer Reddy

I am a gynaecologist and I visited this centre which was recommended by my colleague. Dr.srinath sir is an exceptionally skilled radiologist in the field of musculoskeletal radiology and interventions. He not only diagnosed my chronic problem but also lead me how to get releived from pain. Dr srinath sir's empathy towards the patients and passion in the field of musculoskeletal radiology is great. The centre is very much neat and well maintained. Thank you so much sir ..

Nazia Khanam

I am from Rajahmundry, This is the Best diagnostic centre I have ever visited. Dr. Boppana has extraordinary skills in MUSCULOSKELETAL RADIOLOGY. Got pulley fenestration procedure done for myself, which was done with out any pain. Unlike other clinics I have visited, in this centre the problem & procedures are very well explained. This gave me the confidence on the Doctor even though it was my first visit. Have found him on Google, Thanks to all the reviewers for the feedback without which I wouldn’t have visited the centre.

Madhav Mazumdar

I am Doctor by profession. I visited SAINT with reference from my colleges. During 2017 I had a shoulder dislocation which was attended by an ortho. Even since my injury I have pain in my shoulder especially during the movement, similar to pinch of a needle. As a result I stopped any mechanical activity. Despite my visits and several scans my problem remained a problem. At SAINT I met Dr. Boppana who conducted thew scan and immediately diagnosed the reason behind the pain. The known solution is a surgery to relocate the shoulder. But he advised to go for Physio for few months and take a call as its a bearable pain & it is not causing any inconvenience to my work. Took 45 sessions from the Physio. The scan was conducted again, the result is amazing. Thanks to him. He has very good skills & should be consulted. The staff were very welcoming and professional. The Physio is highly skilled too.

Asha Lakshmi Kommana