Great experience here with dr srinadh sir.. he has great skills in musculoskeletal radiology intervention..

Lokesh Gupta

Outstanding diagnostic centre and outstanding treatment by the doctor and staff.

Ramam Pappu

Just loved the service provided by Dr srinad boppana I am suffering from a shoulder tear I kept telling the other doctors I visited that I bruised my chest but idk how my shoulder was affected only with his knowledge we were able to figure out what the actual problem was. Definitely recommend please do visit him.


We're comfortable with the hospitality and very good treatment.


Dr.Srinadh is very professional and patient. The staff are also very professional and friendly.


Had really good experience. Dr Srinath is an amazing person. Patiently explained my present condition.. So soft, competent and knowledgeable. Hospitality of the hospital was great👍

Bhavathi Maddela

Best place for pain management/treatment..recently visited this place for back pain and with their timely treatment by Physio here and suggestions by Dr. Srinadh totally got relieved of my pain. The exercises suggested by Physio are very helpful in addressing my pain issue. Thanks a ton team SAINT.

Everon Smart Solutions

It's good diagnostic centre

Rajesh Khanna

Outstanding facility and staff. You won't find a better radiologist than Dr. Srinadh Boppana.

Sudhir C