I Myself Visited the centre, I came to know by my friend that SAINT IMAGING is the Best diagnostic centre for Musculoskeletal Radiology treatment in Hyderabad. As I heard I went for treatment of cervical spondylitis. Dr. SRINADH BOPPANA has excellent skills in evaluating & treating Musculoskeletal problems. I am very much happy with his treatment skills and most advantage is they are having inhouse physiotherapy unit headed by a well Knowledgeable doctor and all the staff in the centre were very good and soft spoken, I felt very comfortable and patient friendly experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE


Referred one of my friend’s mother for her chronic shoulder issue (frozen shoulder), and as expected the treatment has helped her immensely. Dr.Srinadh Sir is an excellent radiologist who interacts with patients, understand the problem, makes the patient understand their problem and gives the right treatment. The imaging centre is in a very approachable place and well maintained. I highly recommend Saint Imaging for all musculoskeletal issues.

Santhosh Jitta

Extremely professional and well organised setup.Dr.Srinadh made me feel very comfortable during the procedure.I am immensely grateful for the remarkable improvement I felt post treatment.Definitely recommend Saint imaging for a patient friendly experience!

Rama Vasireddy

Hi, myself, Dr Pratibha, one of the students of Dr Srinadh Boppana, from kamineni hospitals, L.B.Nagar. I would like to consider myself the luckiest one, for getting the opportunity to closely observe and learn from sir. Have seen him diagnosing and treating N no. of variety of cases. He is excellent in his diagnostic and treatment approach. He has solution for all sorts of muskuloskeletal issues. I myself have visited the place, saint diagnostics, the ambience is just superb. And the staff too is very cordial and polite. Highly recommended !!

Pratibha Satyampet

Hi , I am Dr v v reddy, urologist from hyderabad , had visited SAINT IMAGING at road no 10 Banjara hills ,. thrice , for my own sister, cousin sister and with my classmate cardiologist from Atlanta ,. Met dr Sreenadh Boppana is excellent interventional radiologist , with amazing skills in evaluating and treating musculoskeletal problems with ultrasound ,. He has treated my own sister for hamstring stiffness and shoulder ligament tear for my cousin sister and cervical spondylitis with shoulder problems for my friend cardiologist from Atlanta , He has got the advantage of incampus physiotherapy unit headed by very good and knowledgeable, doctor Deepthi , who is doing a great job in all treatment aspects ,. More so ,. The ambience is very cool and pleasant ,. Last but not the least ,the reception team by mrs Aswini is superb .,all of my relatives and friend are doing well and they’ve all r happy regarding their experiences at SAINT imagine ., appreciated by Dr Sreeni Gangasani cardiologist from Atlanta , who is the ex AAPI chair is the amazing fact ,.all the best and congratulations dr Sreenath .Hope your saint imaging will progress well with gods grace ., All the best 👍

Vishnu Vardhana Reddy

One of the best radiologists in India Definitely would suggest Dr.Srinadh Bopanna.

Rohit Afroz

Excellent doctor and staff

DrAzmath Mohd

Dr. Srinadh and his team are excellent. Took care of my problem very efficiently. As a person in health care I admire and thankful for helping me with physiotherapy and not pushing for any expensive procedures. Deepthi from PT was superb. Glad to know that great work is done in Hyderabad. Thank you 🙏

Sreeni Gangasani

My experience at saint imaging was amazing. I went along side my friend who was treated by Dr Srinadh boppana . Dr. Srinadh boppana sir is extremely cordial and great with his imaging techniques and treatment . This place has great ambience .

Sushanth Gajavalli